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Inside TCI / 20.09.15

Setting the record straight

We've been the target of unreasonable media coverage and want your help to set the record straight.

We started TCI with the belief that a new approach to cosmetic surgery was required; putting you, the patient, first. In three years we've become Australia's largest and most experienced provider of cosmetic surgery. But on the back of our success, we've created some commanding and vocal adversaries. You may have heard the myths, so here are the facts:

The safety and wellbeing of our patients is always our number one priority, however all surgery carries risk. Our complication rate is well below published industry numbers and our emergency response protocols continue to ensure patient safety. Further, our affordability has dramatically reduced the number of patients exposing themselves to risks overseas.
All our facilities are ISO9001 Internationally Accredited and recently we’ve expanded into two licensed private hospitals.
Our cosmetic surgeons are among the most experienced in the industry. Prior to joining TCI, they’ve undertaken many years of formal surgical training. As part of our team they perform approximately 10 times more procedures than the average competitor.
Each patient is assigned a specialist anaesthetist who holds a FANZCA qualification. All our facilities are ISO9001 Internationally Accredited and recently we’ve expanded into two licensed private hospitals and all procedures under General Anaesthetic.
We’re not cheap, our competitors are overpriced. Our affordable pricing is largely the result of reduced margins. We’ve never compromised on our medical standards or patient safety.
Governing body
An investigation is currently being undertaken by the HCCC due to a number of complaints made by our competitors. More broadly we’re concerned with the current lack of regulation and believe there’s a great opportunity for TCI to work closely with the governing bodies to build a framework to ultimately improve levels of patient safety in the industry.
Where to from here?
Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of our Cosmetic Consultants on 1300 741 852. We’re here to keep you informed an ensure you always feel safe and secure with The Cosmetic Institute.
At TCI we’re a family. Throw some love our way. Tell us about your TCI experience by sharing your TCI journey on our social media channels with #thecosmeticinstitute.
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