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What's Hot! / 24.04.17

Recall Your New Year Resolutions

Time passes so quickly, and by now 2017 is well underway. With the passing of the months, comes the confronting, but necessary reflection period; where we look back on the year thus far and consider the New Year Resolutions that we made so profoundly all those days ago.

Remember those pesky New Year promises? Those bold points on the list, underlined and highlighted. Made in a time when you were younger, sun-kissed and worry-free. Made in a moment when you were full of leftover Christmas ham and Grandmas’ famous fruitcake, a time when you were bright-eyed and enthusiastic about the untold potential that was 2017. Yes, you remember.

There were grand plans like: “exercise more often”, “eat healthier” and “save money” and the more specific ones such as: “be nicer to your housemates”, “at least pretend to like Kale” and “NO MORE HOT CHIPS!”

Sound familiar?

Well, if you didn’t stick to the things you promised yourself, you’re not alone. The majority of people don’t follow through their New Year’s resolutions. And why? Is it because we are stuck in our day-to-day routine and it’s easier to stick to old habits? Or perhaps, it’s because we are perpetually setting our goals way too high.

If you and your resolutions need to be brought back down to earth and reality, check out these three best practices:


  1. Ask yourself how close you are to achieving your goals; record your progress in a diary. Reassess how realistic the goals are and break them up into smaller more achievable goals if necessary.

Be Patient

  1. Don’t fall back into old habits because you can’t see any changes, yet. All good things take time.

Have Fun

  1. Enjoy yourself. The journey is always as important as the resolution itself. Learn something from your experience and appreciate the moments that make your year special.

TCI would like to help you make one particular New Year resolutions a reality. If you are planning your surgery, there’s never been a better time to get in touch. Contact our friendly team today to find out about what we can do for you in 2017. PLUS TCI Melbourne opens in April, so get in quick and secure your consultation today!

Phone the Sydney clinic on (02) 8014 8915, our Gold Coast Clinic on (07) 5613 2000 or our Melbourne Clinic on (03) 8595 0941 to speak with one of our friendly Cosmetic Consultants.

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