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What's Hot! / 22.12.15

Nothing planned for New Years Eve?

You've done it all; the fireworks, the festivals, the rooftop party, the beach bash and the all-night rave. Now you're forever chasing the illusive 'perfect New Years Eve', but it never seems to live up to expectations. If you are contemplating changing it up this year, then look no further. We have put together a list of fun and adventurous alternatives that will have you grinning (like a Cheshire) all the way into 2016.


Pack your swimmers, the new novel you received for Christmas, the fishing rods and the bottle of Baileys. Don’t worry about the disarray your relatives left your house in, forget about the crowds and the public transport, dust off your tent and get lost in the wilderness. Think campfires, stargazing, red wine and board games. With no expectations, no rush and no agenda this option will not disappoint.

Pot Luck

Gather your closest pals and put them to work. Potluck parties are both exciting and adventurous, with every guest required to bring a dish to add to the banquet. Themed or free-for-all, this gathering never fails to impress. Let your mates show off their culinary skills while you collectively bring in the New Year in a haze of delicious contentment.


For those who want to party in a space free from crushing-crowds and drunken-hooligans; the lock-in might just be the thing for you. Involving a full-house lock-down & exclusion zone – no one in, no one out. Guests are required to stay within the confides of the vicinity for the duration of the evening – as themed rooms and planned activities keep the party pumping. Slightly out of the ordinary – This is one NYE you won’t forget.

Master Chef

Family friendly, with a touch of healthy competition – Guests are designated a specific course which they must serve on the night. Working either in teams or as individuals this NYE alternative is a fun option for anyone that wants to keep their evening PG. Guests are critiqued on their dishes and scored accordingly with this playful and participatory evening sure to inspire some light-hearted rivalries and creative heckling.

Road Trip

Hit the road, put the windows down, pump the tunes and let your hair out. Keep an open mind and a positive attitude – don’t be afraid to jump on Airbnb – you find the best things when you least expect it.

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