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Interstate Patients / 04.10.16

NEW Interstate Patient Journey

With over half of our patients roaming from interstate or overseas, The Cosmetic Institute recognise the importance of travel ease, convenience and care. That’s why we’ve developed a streamlined patient protocol for ALL interstate patients. Yep, so we’ve outlined exactly what you can expect throughout your journey, from start to finish.

Initial Contact

Considering a breast augmentation? Our Cosmetic Consultants are just a phone call away. Whilst speaking with our knowledgeable consultants, interstate patients are given opportunity to book in for a free* E-Consultation with their preferred surgeon. Upon doing so, patients are provided with a Breast Augmentation (BA) registration questionnaire and photo request form. Its important to return both the completed questionnaire and your images this as soon as possible to The Cosmetic Institute as this information must be received within 24 hours in order to confirm your free* e-consultation booking.

Patient Assessment

Once patient documentation has been received, your dedicated surgeon will conduct a medical assessment, whereby images and information are reviewed. This will assist the surgeon in gauging your suitability for surgery, in order to ensure optimal safety and care across the board. Please note that The Cosmetic Institute does not perform surgery or offer consultations to patients whom are under the age of 18 years of age. Following the review of your information and images, and being advised that your surgeon has confirmed your suitability for a consultation; you will be provided with a detailed Breast augmentation Information Pack. This pack will provide you with the essential information that is necessary to prepare yourself for your comprehensive consultation with your surgeon. It is imperative that you have a full and comprehensive understanding of the information in this pack prior to your e-consultation.

Pre E-consult Reminder

The day prior to your e-consult, patients will be contacted by one of TCI’s friendly Cosmetic Consultants. This is simply to confirm Skype compatibility, understanding of the BA information pack and other necessities to ensure patient comfort and care.

E-consultation (skype)

We understand that traveling to TCIs consulting rooms may not be convenient for a lot of interstate patients, so initial e-consultations are offered via a Skype phone call between the patient and their preferred Surgeon. During this conversation, your surgeons will discuss all aspects of breast augmentation surgery including any rare, but possible risks and complications, and will work with you to determine whether this kind of surgery is indeed appropriate for you. This is your opportunity to raise questions with your surgeon, we recommend that you note down any questions you may have for your doctor prior to your consultation to ensure you do not forget. 
As your surgeon will have your images and information in front of them during the call, it may not be necessary to undress during the consultation. However, we recommend that you are in a quiet space where you will be comfortable to discuss private medical information.

E-Consultation Follow Up

On the day of, or the day following your e-consultation, one of our friendly consultants will contact you in order to touch base and answer any further questions you may have after your discussions with your surgeon. This is also a great opportunity to discuss availability for surgery if you would like to proceed and have not already placed your preferred date on hold.


The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a very personal one that should be taken with particular care and extensive research. At The Cosmetic Institute, we encourage a minimum 14day period between initial consultation and surgery in order to ensure our patients are completely comfortable with their decision.

Following your consultation, if you would like to proceed with surgery, we encourage you to return your signed consent form as soon as possible. Once these are received, a cooling off period will commence. The official cooling off period is a minimum of 7 days, with no payment for surgery required within this time, however we are happy to keep a surgery date on hold for you to ensure you secure your preferred date.

Surgery Confirmation

Seven days after receiving your signed consent forms, your surgery can be confirmed with payment. Until this time, we will keep your booking on a tentative hold for you. The full balance of your surgery will need to be finalised one week before your scheduled surgery date. Payment can be made either via direct deposit, or credit card (surcharges apply). Although The Cosmetic Institute does not offer internal finance options, there are many external financial providers that do. Please feel free to visit our website for more information.

Face-To-Face Examination

The Cosmetic Institute conducts face to face pre surgical consultations and examinations the day prior to surgery in order to reduce travel time, out of pocket expenses for interstate patients. This is the time your surgeon will perform a physical examination of your breasts, take your medical measurements and work with you to determine the most appropriate implant for you. You will also meet with one of our friendly consultants who will provide you with important information regarding your admission and ensure you are feeling confident and well supported in your decision to proceed with surgery.

Day Of Surgery

All Cosmetic Institutes surgical procedures are day-stay surgeries, performed at licensed private hospitals. On the day of surgery, you will be cared for by the hospitals highly skilled team of medical staff. General anesthetic is administered by specialist anesthetists, so you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands each step of the way. Once discharged from the hospital into the care of your nominated care person (must be over 18 years of age), you will be required to stay within close proximity to the hospital for a further 48 hours post-surgery before traveling home.

If you cannot return to us for your post-operative check-up, your local GP will be able to change your dressings after one week. We encourage you to contact us directly should they, or yourself, have any questions in relation to your recovery.

If you have a question that still needs answering on the interstate patient process, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

SYD: (02) 8014 8915 |
QLD: (07) 5613 2000 |

*T&Cs apply

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