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Inside TCI / 10.03.16

Interstate Patient Travel Guide

Over half of TCI's patients fly from interstate or overseas. Which is why we understand the importance of comfort, safety and care during your flight. TCI encourages all of our interstate patients to ensure optimum recovery by following a few simple steps whilst travelling to and from our hospitals.

Preparation is key:

TCI conducts consultations the day prior to surgery to reduce travel time, out of pocket expenses and inconvenience for our interstate patients. It is however, extremely important that patients are in direct contact with our Cosmetic Consultants prior to the date of surgery.

Patients should also be prepared to book accommodation for at least 48 hours after surgery in order to ensure time to heal and rest. It’s important to note that patients may additionally be required to re-visit for a post-op consultation. This can otherwise be arranged over skype if necessary.

Bring a friend:

It’s imperative to bring along some moral and physical support for the journey. TCI enforces this policy and will only allow patients to be discharged and taken home by a chaperone. Make sure it is someone you trust. Someone who will stay with you while you rest and heal. If you must travel solo, inform our Cosmetic Consultants so they can arrange a home nursing service for you.

Rest up:

Resting is paramount to avoid post-op complications. Everyone feels different after surgery. Whilst you might feel great, all patients should avoid most physical activities (yep, even shopping). To make the most of your trip, arrive a few days early to enjoy the city and explore while you can.

Be prepared at the airport:

After surgery you will not be able to lift, push or pull your luggage. If you are travelling home solo, pack as light as possible. It also doesn’t hurt to ask the flight attendants to place and retrieve your luggage from the overhead lockers. Some airlines will require a medical certificate from your surgeon, so check the airlines policy and be prepared.

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