Marquee Health Clinic FAQs - The Cosmetic Institute

Cosmetic surgery is a very personal choice and each person has their own reasons for wanting to enhance a part of their body or their appearance.

We want all our patients to be fully informed about their procedure, which is why we schedule an initial consultation to get to know you and understand your motivations, goals and expectations about surgery.

If you have doubts at any stage about whether cosmetic surgery is right for you, we encourage you to discuss these with one of our friendly Cosmetic Consultants or your surgeon prior to surgery. At any stage, you can also request a more in-depth conversation with Maria to help address any concerns you have.

We want all our patients to be in good physical and mental health prior to surgery. That’s why we’ve engaged Marquee Health Clinic (MHC) to assist our patients achieve optimal health and well-being and make fully informed, independent decisions about their cosmetic surgery.

MHC’s role is to facilitate an independent, non-judgemental and objective conversation with patients about their motivations, goals and expectations about surgery. This helps patients weigh up the risks and benefits of cosmetic surgery and make informed decisions about their procedure. They also helps our patients work through any underlying issues they may be experiencing prior to surgery.

MHC has a very relaxed, informal and empathetic approach so we encourage our patients not to be daunted by the idea of seeing a psychologist. The more we get to know you before surgery, the better quality service we can provide throughout your cosmetic surgery.

Some of the signs of good mental health prior to surgery include:

  • having reasonable expectations about your procedure;
  • having the ability to weigh up the different risks and benefits of surgery;
  • the ability to provide independent, informed consent; and
  • the foresight to set aside adequate time to heal properly and recovery well from surgery.

A collaborative, evidence-based approach is used when assessing what psychological factors need to be taken into account. This includes addressing any psychological concerns patients may have with anxiety, depression, confidence, stress, body image and pain management.

We take extra care where patient exhibits certain signs or symptoms, because medical treatment with a psychologist (i.e. Maria) may be the preferred option to surgical intervention. These include situations where a patient:

  • is currently experiencing a crisis such as a divorce, job loss or death of a loved one;
  • appears to be pressured into cosmetic surgery by a friend, family member or sexual partner;
  • has unrealistic expectations about what cosmetic surgery can achieve and appears obsessed with minor imperfections about their body;
  • exhibits signs of a diagnosable mental illness (e.g. anxiety or depression);
  • has a history of substance abuse or addiction;
  • has psychological issues associated with pain management;
  • has dysfunctional habits such as binging, purging, excessive dieting or exercise; and
  • exhibits signs of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, or BDD.

Yes, it’s normal to feel a little anxious about surgery. For most of our patients, the procedure they undergo at The Cosmetic Institute is their first experience with surgery or anaesthesia. This can be a very daunting experience, which is why we’re here to help you every step of the way to make your cosmetic journey as smooth and stress free as possible.

If you’re feeling anxious about surgery, or have noticed any changes in your overall mood or temperament, it’s important that you let us know prior to surgery. You can do this by speaking to one of our friendly Cosmetic Consultants or your surgeon. At any stage, you can also request a more in-depth conversation with Maria who can help address any of your concerns.

We’re passionate about getting to know each of our patients. Everyone is different and we’re not here to judge. Our role is to understand what you want to achieve through cosmetic surgery and provide you with the best available options we can.

Mental health comes first so it’s important to be in the right mind frame prior to surgery. Even patients with generally good mental health may be going through a difficult time, such as the death of a loved one, a change in their employment or a divorce. It’s important to be honest and patient with yourself about whether now is the right time for surgery.

If you’ve noticed you’ve had a variable mood or if you’ve been feeling down lately, this may be a sign of an underlying issue. It’s important to let us know so we can give you all the help and support you need. You can also request a more in-depth conversation with Maria at any stage as well.

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