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Success Stories / 30.03.15

Dr Tang’s Happy Patients

Dr Tang is just one of our highly requested, skilled cosmetic surgeons based at our Parramatta Clinic. With years of surgical experience, you can rest assured that you're in the best possible hands throughout your entire procedure. Check out some of his amazing patients progress photos.

The Cosmetic Institute receives a large influx of positive feedback and patient testimonials for all of our surgeons on a daily basis and we pride ourselves on exceeding our patient’s expectations by delivering the highest standards of clinical care.

Dr Tang is just one of the highly skilled cosmetic surgeons based at our Parramatta Clinic.

“Good judgement, both practical and aesthetic, is the foundation of ensuring exceptional results and beautiful patients.”– Dr Tang

To celebrate his incredible work, we’ve featured some amazing progress photos from just a few of his happy patients below.



4 months post op – 415cc, high profile implants
“I’m super happy with them and I love having boobs. It’s nice to finally feel proportionate. It’s a little bit of a confidence boost too.”




9 months post op – 450cc, extra high profile implants

“My surgeon is truly amazing and I am so thankful. I have had compliment after compliment about them. The TCI girls at Parra were so friendly, they made for an easy, non nervous experience.”




4 weeks post op – 520cc, moderate profile implants

“I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon! My boobs are getting better everyday and scars are already looking amazing. Thank you!”




6 weeks post op – 405cc, moderate profile implants

“All the staff were extremely professional, informative, helpful and made me feel at ease with the surgery. I will never forget this wonderful experience.”


To see more feedback from Dr Tang’s beautiful patients, visit our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram or Pinterest.

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