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In the Media / 11.05.15

Cutting For Cost

Thousands of Australians are flocking overseas for cosmetic surgery with the intent of saving money, but at what cost?

Channel 9’s ‘Mornings’ show reports on the potential hidden costs of travelling overseas for cut price surgery!

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that everyday Australians should be able to have quality cosmetic surgery at affordable prices, without needing to take unnecessary medical risks overseas!

The Cosmetic Institute is Australia’s largest and most trusted cosmetic surgery clinic, performing over 5,000 BA’s per year. We’re passionately committed to helping people realise their full potential and achieve the cosmetic results they desire, at a price they can afford.

Our winter bookings are filling up fast. To get the look you want in time for Summer, phone us today on 1300 741 852! Or, to get our $5990 TCI Info Pack, ask a question or send us your assessment images, just fill out our Facebook enquiry form.

Watch the full report here.

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