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What's Hot! / 30.09.15

Bed Time Tips

Do you have difficultly falling to sleep? To encourage a smooth recovery from their surgery, patients should prioritise sleep and rest as much as possible. Studies have found that the position in which we sleep can affect sleep duration and restlessness.

To ensure you wake rested and refreshed, here are four of our top tips for a better night's rest.
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What's Hot! / 18.09.15

10 things you never knew about boobs

Think you've heard it all? Think again! Our boobs are full of fun surprises.
So raise a glass to your breast friends and discover the mystery that lies beneath your bra!
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What's Hot! / 07.09.15

Looking for a work out that works?

If you find that no matter how hard you train and how dedicated you are to hitting the gym every day or so, you aren't seeing any results, there could be a simple reason. Do any of these common fitness routine problems sound familiar?
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What's Hot! / 21.08.15

Bikinis for your body

Shopping for a new bikini can be a girl's dream or a terrible nightmare. Knowing the shape of your body is key to finding the perfect silhouette for you. So we've worked our magic and found the ideal swimsuit for each and every type of girl.
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What's Hot! / 19.08.15

Top 4 reasons for breast augmentation!

It may surprise some, but the desire to impress and attract the attention of men does not rate very highly when it comes to the decision of having a breast augmentation. Read on to discover some of the top reasons why women opt for breast implants.
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What's Hot! / 11.08.15

The benefits of eating smaller portions

We have all heard that eating smaller portions of food is healthier for us, but how exactly is it healthier, and what health benefits can come from eating smaller meals?
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What's Hot! / 03.08.15

Why not travel in Australia?

Unfortunately, not all of us lead the life of luxury and travelling can quickly become a major expense, especially when venturing overseas. So why not explore your own backyard? Australia is home to so many beautiful destinations and we've selected our top five to inspire all those stuck behind their desk this winter.
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What's Hot! / 27.07.15

Breast Augmentation: Myths & Misconceptions

True or false; Who really knows anymore? There are so many myths surrounding breast augmentation and it's so hard to differentiate between fact and fiction. Never fear! The Cosmetic Institute has cracked these myths wide open with a little help from our surgeons.
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What's Hot! / 14.07.15

Bras for Implants

Shopping for a new bra after receiving a breast augmentation can be an exciting experience. However, finding the perfect size can prove to be a difficult task. To help our lovely ladies, we've designed a simple guide to steer you in the right direction.
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What's Hot! / 09.07.15

Stay Golden

For the pale among us, occasional spray tanning has become the answer to all of our prayers! Who wouldn't want that summer glow all year round? Yep! Whoever invented this miracle worker is a saint. So much so, that we've mapped out the exact thought process that every girl experiences after a spray tan.
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