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Inside TCI / 04.06.18

New NSW cosmetic surgery laws: are you informed?

Cosmetic Evolution complies with all new NSW cosmetic surgery laws
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Inside TCI / 23.05.17

Monthly face-to-face Melbourne consultations!

Bringing quality-care directly to you.
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Inside TCI / 19.05.16

Choose your surgeon with TCI

The decision to undergo Cosmetic Surgery is one that should be taken with particular care and extensive research. It's imperative that you feel safe in the hands of a reputable surgeon. So what if you could hand select the surgeon of your choice? Well, The Cosmetic Institute is allowing you to do just that!
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Inside TCI / 16.05.16

About Our Implants

TCI uses Allergan's Natrelle- suite of silicone gel implants for all breast augmentations.
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Inside TCI / 10.03.16

Interstate Patient Travel Guide

Over half of TCI's patients fly from interstate or overseas. Which is why we understand the importance of comfort, safety and care during your flight. TCI encourages all of our interstate patients to ensure optimum recovery by following a few simple steps whilst travelling to and from our hospitals.
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Inside TCI / 16.10.15

Happy National Anaesthesia Day!

National Anaesthesia Day celebrates one of the greatest discoveries in modern medicine. In fact, most of today's operations simply wouldn't be possible without it. So today, we want to commemorate our wonderful team of anaesthetists and thank them for the tremendous support and care they provide for our beloved patients.
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Inside TCI / 20.09.15

Setting the record straight

We've been the target of unreasonable media coverage and want your help to set the record straight.

We started TCI with the belief that a new approach to cosmetic surgery was required; putting you, the patient, first. In three years we've become Australia's largest and most experienced provider of cosmetic surgery. But on the back of our success, we've created some commanding and vocal adversaries. You may have heard the myths, so here are the facts:
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Inside TCI / 30.06.15

The Face of TCI 2015

Ever wanted to star in your own luxury photo-shoot? As part of TCI's annual Face of TCI competition, we gave 10 lucky TCI patients the chance to do just that!
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Inside TCI / 30.06.15

Employees of the Month

Here at The Cosmetic Institute, we're all about great customer service, so we ensure that all of our staff members are fully trained and informed to make sure they can be there to help you when you need them.

This month we have two Employees of the Month - Nicole, our postoperative nurse, and Caterina, one of our Cosmetic Consultants.
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Inside TCI / 19.05.15

And the award goes to!

Here at The Cosmetic Institute we're all about great customer service, so we ensure that all of our staff members are fully trained and informed to make sure they can be there to help you when you need them.
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