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In the Media / 31.07.15

8 questions to ask yourself before receiving cosmetic surgery!

TCI's partnered Psychologist, Maria Faustino, spoke to The Glow about the importance to be mentally and emotionally prepared for the procedure, recovery, and adjustment to your changed appearance.
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In the Media / 30.07.15

TCI Raises Cosmetic Surgery Standards

The Cosmetic Institute has been featured on 'The Zine'!
As Australia's largest cosmetic surgery provider, The Cosmetic Institute is now providing even more support for our patients!
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In the Media / 30.06.15

The Facts about Breastfeeding after Breast Augmentation

According to a recent study, one in five women who have breast implants don't breast-feed their babies, with researchers speculating that those who don't may be worried about compromising their implants or transmitting implant materials into their breast milk. But are their fears founded?
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In the Media / 11.05.15

Cutting For Cost

Thousands of Australians are flocking overseas for cosmetic surgery with the intent of saving money, but at what cost?
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In the Media / 23.04.15

The Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery Overseas

ABC's 730 have reported on the tragic story of an Australian girl who died while undergoing a procedure in a Mexican Clinic.
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In the Media / 07.04.15

Introducing Dr Jim Kenny

Dr Jim Kenny, TCI's newest Cosmetic Surgeon, was recently featured on Get Sydney, Get Beauty and Get Better Health.
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