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What's Hot! / 27.07.15

Breast Augmentation: Myths & Misconceptions

True or false; Who really knows anymore? There are so many myths surrounding breast augmentation and it's so hard to differentiate between fact and fiction. Never fear! The Cosmetic Institute has cracked these myths wide open with a little help from our surgeons.

Myth 1. Breast Implants feel unnatural and solid
FALSE! Whilst you shouldn’t expect your implants to be as supple as regular breast tissue, most BA’s will feel extremely soft and quite similar to a natural breast.

Myth 2. Breast implants cause cancer
FALSE! There is no medical evidence to show that women with breast implants have a higher chance of developing breast cancer.

Myth 3. You cannot breastfeed with implants
FALSE! The ability to successfully breastfeed varies in all women, with or without breast implants. Providing you are being operated on by a reputable surgeon, the placement of the implant will not damage the milk production gland, or the milk ducts.

Myth 4. All breast implants look fake
FALSE! The shape and size of your breast augmentation will depend on your desired look. If you wish to achieve natural results, your surgeon will select your implants accordingly.

Myth 5. Breast implants need to be replaced every 10 years
FALSE! The lifespan of breast implants vary depending on the patient. However, they are capable of lasting beyond 25 years. In fact, many women do not require additional surgery and choose to live with their original implants.

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