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Bikinis for your body

Shopping for a new bikini can be a girl's dream or a terrible nightmare. Knowing the shape of your body is key to finding the perfect silhouette for you. So we've worked our magic and found the ideal swimsuit for each and every type of girl.

If you are looking to minimise the appearance of your lower half, a clean-skirted bottom that falls just below the largest part of your upper leg will do wonders. Avoiding thick-banded bottoms is also advised, as these tend to emphasise the size of the area. Frilly tops and plunging necklines can help to draw the attention up and towards your new assets.
However, if you like your hips and butt to be on show, there is no rule saying you can’t wear a fluorescent, high-waisted number to show them off!

If you’ve gone down the large busted path and you want to emphasise it, there are no rules! However, you might find that some occasions call for a little more coverage and support. This is when the bra-style tops with underwire and thicker, adjustable straps become your best friend.
Moulded cups provide extra support and can help to give you an extra boost when you feel like showing off the girls. It is a good idea to look for bikinis marked with bra sizing (including back size and cup size), as these tend to be constructed with support and comfort in mind.

You may have just had your breasts enlarged, but this does not mean you necessarily have enormous back-breakers now! If you have a naturally petite upper frame and upper body, this is likely to apply to you.
Triangle tops can help to create the illusion of larger curves, while bra tops and padded push-ups will give you an extra boost that you might desire. Of course, smaller busts have benefits. Go nuts with the bandeaus, scoop tops and extreme embellishments if that’s your style!

If you’re still in the process of deciding whether to go down the surgical route, your chest may not be as ample as some other ladies’. We’re not going to judge! The ruler-straight figure is easy to flaunt if you know how. If your hips are particularly narrow, tie side bottoms are your friends, as are bikini bottoms on the smaller side – they’ll create an illusion of more curves. Monokinis are great for your figure and these can be a lot of fun as they often come in styles with cut-outs and embellishments. Any additional flourishes will help to add curvy illusions.

If you carry more of your weight in the middle, you may prefer to cover this area. One-piece suits and tankinis can be a simple solution for this. If you still prefer the bikini style, however, higher waisted styles can offer some tummy coverage while still allowing you to flaunt lots of skin.

If you have always been an apple shape, you may find that post-operatively you have become more of an hourglass shape with larger assets at the top.

For a curvy, hourglass figure, you can choose to emphasise your Beyonc├® body or opt for more coverage if you prefer a modest appearance. Support is always key for your frame, so just like the larger bust girls; you should look for underwired, bra style tops. Asymmetrical suits will draw the eye to your neckline and away from your curves. If the idea of hiding your curves leaves you in fits of laughter, try colour blocking or very low necklines.

There is always a way to flaunt or hide your features! Ultimately, you should wear what feels comfortable and makes you look the way you desire.

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