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Bed Time Tips

Do you have difficultly falling to sleep? To encourage a smooth recovery from their surgery, patients should prioritise sleep and rest as much as possible. Studies have found that the position in which we sleep can affect sleep duration and restlessness.

To ensure you wake rested and refreshed, here are four of our top tips for a better night's rest.

Tip 1: Turn off and remove all technology! Scrolling through social media can increase brain activity and minimize sleep time. It’s advised to shut down two hours before sleep-time to allow your brain to unwind. If this is simply impossible, select a specific time to shut off each night and remain inactive until the following morning.

Tip 2: Wear comfortable clothing! Loose cotton clothing will minimise your chances of a restless sleep. You will also find yourself in a deeper snooze, as temperature imbalances or irritating fabrics will not disturb you.

Tip 3: Relax your mind! Before getting into bed, write down a list of reminders, worries and notes. By clearing your mind you allow yourself to fully relax and fall asleep. If this doesn’t work, replace your thoughts with calming images, think of the beach or a place you find comforting.

Tip 4: Get cosy! Make your room as dark and as cool as possible. By doing so, you will find yourself more relaxed and comfortable. Keep an allowance for morning light, as this is the best way to wake up and will leave you feeling rested.
Happy sleeping!

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