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What's Hot! / 09.05.16

Banish Belly Bloating

The dreaded belly bloat. It can leave you feeling sluggish and self-conscious, but these 5 simple tricks will help you feel as light as a feather.

1) Take it slow
If you eat too fast, you won’t chew your food properly and will end up swallowing a whole heap of air along with that yummy pasta. Eating slow also means you’re more acutely aware to how full you actually are. Remember, it takes 20 minutes after consumption for you to feel full.

2) Stay away from fizzy beverages
Carbonated drinks have a high quantity of gas in their fizziness, which can get stuck in your belly and cause a lot of bloating (and burping!). Opt for flavoured water or juices instead.

3) Snack more
This might sound counterintuitive, but eating smaller meals throughout the day will stop you from getting that sluggish overfull feeling after a large meal. Nobody likes falling into a food coma!

4) Anti bloating food & drinks
Celery, watermelon, peppermint tea and yoghurt are all great for banishing that bloated, sluggish feeling. Try and incorporate these into your meals as much as possible.

5) Keep moving and sleep well
Your lifestyle plays a pivotal role! So make sure you’re getting enough beauty sleep and aim for at least 30 active minutes a day to make sure there isn’t a fluid build up in your tummy area.

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