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Avoid These Gym Mistakes

Are you struggling to see results after working tirelessly at the gym, night after night? Don't give up! Avoid these 5 mistakes and you'll feel better in no time.

You don’t warm up enough or at all

A lot of us are guilty of neglecting this vital step. But our laziness will soon catch up to us. A good warm up can burn over 100 calories. Yup, better rethink your routine. Warming up can also help to prevent serious injury during your workout routine.

You lift weights that are too heavy for your frame

‘No pain, no gain’ might be your motto when it comes to lifting weights, but unfortunately lifting beyond your ability will only prove to help you gain you a whole lot of problems. Over-lifting is dangerous because your body cannot distribute the weight accordingly, causing poor form, extra stress on joints, engaging of the wrong muscles and overworking others.

You only focus on one area

Balance is key. Working on your upper body whilst disregarding the lower can lead to imbalance and posture problems. Plan ahead and ensure your routine covers all areas.

A pause turns into a break

This is especially true for friends who gym together. You’ve finished working out on one piece of equipment and before moving onto the next you take a quick break to check your phone or have a chat. Bad move. When you take too much time between sets, your body doesn’t stay in its peak state to allow growth hormones to be produced and therefore reduces your muscle growth/tone for the effected workout.

You don’t work to your capacity

Stopping right before the burn completely defeats the purpose of your workout. Whilst overdoing it is dangerous, underdoing it is also ineffective. The aim is to engage a new level of strength and new muscles.

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