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Inside TCI / 16.05.16

About Our Implants

TCI uses Allergan's Natrelle- suite of silicone gel implants for all breast augmentations.

TCI uses Allergan’s Natrelle- suite of silicone gel implants for all breast augmentations. These premium implants are supported by over 30 years of medical research and clinical data, and are considered to be the best on the market.

Allergan’s silicone gel implants are approved in Australia under the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and in the United States under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Each implant is manufactured in a totally sterile environment and undergoes more than 140 quality assessment checks in FDA-approved facilities in the United States.

Every implant we use comes with certification to the highest safety standards in the US (FDA) and Australia (TGA). Our implants also come with a written lifetime guarantee against rupture and leakage.

Your lifestyle and how your body responds to the implants will affect the lifetime of the implant and its durability. As with all surgical procedures, revisionary surgery may be necessary to correct any problems or complications that arise. It’s best to discuss any concerns you have with your surgeon during your consultation.

Some people are concerned that implants may cause cancer, however there is no evidence that supports the claim that implants increase the risk of breast cancer. It’s advisable that you continue to undergo regular mammograms and self-examine your breasts for any lumps after your procedure. You can continue to undertake breast screening via non-compression mammograms or ultrasounds. Just let your examiner know that you have had a breast augmentation.

Here at TCI we offer implant sizes from 210cc to 615cc in 3 different profiles: moderate, high and extra high.

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