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5 Things To Know Before Breast Augmentation

Considering breast implants? Time to do some research! Don't worry, we've done all the hard work for you.

1. No two boobs are alike: Think of your breasts as sisters and not twins. Nipples, areola and even cup size will have variations, which could become more obvious after your surgery. If you discuss your concerns with your surgeon, they may advise to opt for different sized implants to even the symmetry.

2. Franken-boobs exist: After surgery your breasts will appear high and square, particularly when inserted under the muscle. Your breasts will start to drop and take their natural shape at around 6 weeks post op.

3. Real breasts look bigger than their augmented counter parts of the same size: A natural DD will usually look much bigger then an augmented DD. That is because implants tend to be wider than breast tissue, requiring a bigger cup size to accommodate them better.

4. Bruises in weird places: It is completely normal to have bruising post op even in weird areas, like your ribs or stomach.

5. CC’s look different on different body types: It’s important to discuss your desired appearance with your surgeon so that they can advise you of your available sizing options according to your physiology and desired cosmetic look.

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