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What's Hot! / 27.10.15

5 Spooky Facts About Halloween!

Whilst it's a popular holiday, Halloween has only been a commercial celebration since the early 20th century. The origins of Halloween itself date back to at least 2000 years ago, so there's a huge gap between what it once was and what we know it to be today. Want to know the facts? Don't worry, we've created a list including all you need to know before you hit the streets to trick or treat!

1. The earliest signs of Halloween can be traced back to the Samhain festival, otherwise known as the Celtic New Year. The ancient celebration marked the end of the harvest season on October 31. It was believed to be a day of overlap between the living and the dead. Celtics presumed that the deceased would wreak havoc on their crops and spread illness.

2. Trick or treating comes from another tradition known as ‘souling’. This involved the practice of door knocking and seeking gifts in exchange for prayers of the dead.

3. “Guising” is the act of dressing up in costume to disguise your appearance and remain anonymous throughout the souling ritual.

4. Costumes were also used to shield people’s identities and protect them from ghosts.

5. Pumpkin carvings originate from a Celtic tradition that had absolutely nothing to do with pumpkins. Instead, on Hallow’s Eve they would protect themselves from evil spirits by carving turnips, which were readily available in Ireland.

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