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Our Cosmetic Surgeons

Dr Sri Darshn (Dr Dash)

"I strive for excellence in getting results for my patients and value their safety and well-being above all else"

Dr Dash is a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon who has a special interest in breast implant and reconstructive surgery. He’s acquired a broad surgical skill set over the past 10 years from renowned public hospitals such as RPA, Prince of Wales, St George Hospital and the Royal Hobart Hospital. He is fully registered with AHPRA, has received additional specialty training with a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and continues with ongoing oversight and review.

Dr Dash has worked across a variety of surgical specialties such as orthopaedic, colorectal and urology, but his main passion and focus has been in plastic and reconstructive surgery. His extensive theatre experience in breast and facial surgery (including many years of work in high dependency units) demonstrates the highest standards of surgical ability, precision and judgement.

Dr Dash’s well respected technical skills have earned him many surgical teaching and tutoring positions at universities, conferences and workshops. He has a solid background in research, and has written and presented for numerous conferences both in Australia and abroad.

In his spare time, Dr Dash volunteers with underprivileged youth in both Australia and overseas, and chaired committees aimed at raising funds for the less fortunate. His sincere dedication and passion for plastic and cosmetic surgery, combined with his gentle and approachable manner, will put your mind at ease that you’re in safe and experienced hands.

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